Best Places for Psychedelic Adventures in 2023


Embarking on a psychedelic adventure can be an exhilarating and transformative experience. As the year 2023 approaches, you may be wondering where to go to expand your consciousness and immerse yourself in the world of psychedelics. In this article, we will explore some of the best places around the globe that offer unique opportunities for psychedelic journeys.

First Nations researcher exploring psychedelics as healing tool for  intergenerational trauma | CBC News


1. The Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

The Amazon Rainforest has long been revered for its rich biodiversity and spiritual significance. Known as “the lungs of the Earth,” this vast jungle is home to indigenous tribes who have been using plant medicines like ayahuasca for centuries. Joining a retreat in the heart of the Amazon allows you to experience traditional ceremonies led by experienced shamans, guiding you through profound inner exploration.

2. Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, a vibrant city in southern Mexico, is renowned for its cultural heritage and ancient traditions. It is also a hub for psychedelic enthusiasts seeking profound experiences with psilocybin mushrooms. The Zapotec civilization, native to this region, has a long history of using mushrooms for spiritual and healing purposes. Exploring the mystical landscapes of Oaxaca under the guidance of experienced local guides can offer unique psychedelic insights.

3. Goa, India

Goa, on the western coast of India, has been a haven for seekers of spiritual enlightenment for decades. With its beautiful beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and diverse community, Goa attracts travelers from all over the world. Here, you can find retreat centers and workshops focusing on various psychedelics, including LSD and DMT. These gatherings often incorporate meditation, yoga, and other practices to enhance the psychedelic experience.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has long been associated with a liberal approach towards psychedelic substances. The city is home to numerous “smart shops” where you can legally purchase psilocybin truffles, allowing you to embark on your own psychedelic journey. Additionally, Amsterdam hosts conferences and events where you can learn more about the latest research and advancements in the field of psychedelics.

5. Peru, South America

Peru, particularly the city of Cusco and the sacred valley of Machu Picchu, offers a unique setting for psychedelic exploration. This region is deeply rooted in ancient Incan traditions and shamanic practices. Participating in an ayahuasca ceremony in the mystical surroundings of the Andes Mountains can provide a profound and life-changing experience.

6. California, United States

California has emerged as a hub for psychedelic research and exploration. With the decriminalization of psilocybin in some cities, it has become more accessible for individuals seeking therapeutic experiences. Here, you can find licensed professionals offering guided journeys with psilocybin, as well as psychedelic integration services to help you process and integrate your experiences.


As 2023 approaches, the world of psychedelic adventures awaits those who seek profound experiences and personal growth. Whether you choose to delve into the Amazon Rainforest, explore the cultural heritage of Oaxaca, embrace the spiritual vibes of Goa, immerse yourself in the liberal atmosphere of Amsterdam, discover the ancient traditions of Peru, or engage with the growing psychedelic community in California, each destination offers a unique opportunity to explore the realms of consciousness and embark on a transformative journey. Open your mind, do thorough research, and remember to approach these experiences with respect, reverence, and an open heart.

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