How To Trip Alone On Shrooms. If you’ve never done so, tripping on shrooms or magic truffles by yourself can sound scary at first. It’s a different experience than tripping with friends. There’s a lot more inward thinking and you’re basically in the driver’s seat alone. Perhaps it is one of the best trips you can have. The coolest thing about tripping alone is that it brings the deepest thoughts. You can let go and not be expected to share with friends and vice versa. It’s the best quality time you can give yourself.

Think about it, you don’t have to worry about entertaining others and just focus on you. With the right preparations, you’ll be ready in no time! Read below for our recommendations!

Set + Setting

⚓ Choosing a deliberate location   

Location is everything, especially when it comes to magic mushrooms and magic truffles. It ultimately depends on what experience you’re looking for; many claim that a controlled, zen environment is the best when tripping on ‘earthier’ substances like DMT or psilocybin.

If you’re indoors, it’s best to pick somewhere familiar with a bed or couch. If you happen to plan your trip somewhere far away in the great outdoors, then it’s a good idea that you pick a remote location you’re familiar with.

?️ Setting the tone

Now that you set your location, you’re on to one of the most important steps: setting the tone.

If you’re indoors: that means cleaning your room! Dedicate time to declutter your space. Remember you’re going to trip alone, so make sure that you get the most out of it by really thinking about ways to prepare. Think about it like vacationing alone – you’re probably going to be planning your itinerary a little bit more, right?

Once you clean your room, it’s all about improvising & customizing: collect some blankets, hide your mirrors, put up some cool art around, have some pictures of loved ones nearby, bring out some strobe lights, Christmas lights, or laser lights. Whatever works for you! 

Here’s some inspiration.

Clearing up your schedule 

It’s called a trip for a reason. So dedicate around 3 days: 1 day before your trip, the day of your trip, and 1 day after your trip.

Psychedelic experiences can be some good laughs and fun. But with solo trips, you can have some very personal & spiritual breakthroughs.

To prepare for this, dedicate your 3 days to relaxation and not over-stressing. Try not to work on things that are stressful, keep it light, and keep up the good vibes!

Make intentions

Listing intentions is even better when you’re tripping alone. List goals or topics you want to reflect on, but don’t make expectations out of them. It’s just you and your thoughts – so really think about: “What do I want to get out of this shrooms trip?”

Psychedelic trips can give us insight and new perspectives into our lives. Even major epiphanies that we weren’t necessarily inviting. Be open to the possibilities that psilocybin brings you – even if it wasn’t on your mind!

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? Have someone on speed dial

This depends on your environment and your housing situation. You might have the luxury to live with roommates or a partner, and so they can be trip sitters for you. Just make sure there’s someone you trust.

Or you live remotely. So you take a solo psychedelic trip without a sitter. If you go the solo route, just make sure you have someone on speed dial. In case things become too intense for you, you’ll have someone to talk to.

And, reach out to the online psychedelic community (or us) for tips before your solo trip. It can be one of the most intimidating, but gratifying experiences you can have!

Solo Activities

Create a music playlist

According to research, music plays an essential role in psychedelic trips. The research further claims that a mix of ambient music + artists you’re unfamiliar with are most likely to positively influence your trip. So explore unfamiliar artists and see how you experience new music on shrooms. Remember you’re the driver of this trip. From classic rock to classical music, like: 

Everyone has different preferences. So prepare a 5-8 hour set for yourself that makes you feel positive. The choice is yours ? 

Go for a hike

This can be a cool idea for those living in rural areas. Maybe you have a backyard that you can explore, or a hiking area just close to your place?

Always make sure you know the area super well where you’ll be walking. Stay safe, and have someone on speed-dial.

Play with Crayons, Legos, Puzzles, Clay, etc.

If you’re going to be indoors, you never know what you’re feeling at the moment. Sometimes when you trip alone, boredom hits you and suddenly you’re in weird loops.

It’s cool to have some stimulating activities that involve your creativity and hands. Just in case you’re stuck in a loop or need to distract yourself… have something ready to stimulate yourself with simple creative pleasure.

?? Bring nature indoors: watch Earth porn

For whatever reason you take shrooms or truffles indoors, how about you bring nature with you. You can do multiple things, like gathering the plants around your house into your trip cave. Or, having background sounds of nature (it’s so relaxing by the way). And of course, just immerse yourself with the classics of Earth porn on your screen.

Bonus points if your screen can handle 5K video. A visual orgasm!

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Listen to a podcast or lecture

In this day and age, there are so many podcasts & lectures to choose from. For a mind blowing experience on the world and humanity, any Ted Talk would do. What we found cool is that a reddit user recommended Ram Dass, “Be here Now” for a more spiritual experience. Also you on reddit, you can find many more podcast recommendations by experienced trippers themselves.


Since meditation is already an introspective experience, why not do it while tripping on shrooms? It’ll help you feel calm and relaxed, & potentially bring you a spiritual insight. We do think that if you go this route, take a smaller dosage, so you focus more on the meditation and less on the tripping aspect.

How to trip on shrooms alone


Prepare some interesting snacks

One of the coolest things to explore on psilocybin mushrooms is your taste buds. We recommend fresh foods with interesting textures like oranges, sashimi, Nutella, strawberries, nuts, dark chocolate, or watermelon!

Get under the blanket

Especially if things start to feel weird or you want to feel the sensation of hugging, enjoy the fuzziness of your blankets and wrap yourself like a burrito. 

If you’re looking for a full blown, solo experience, do what Terence McKenna recommends – tripping in “silent darkness.” Basically, you solo trip on 5g of shrooms, empty stomach, in total darkness and silence. So, turn off those bedroom lights, get under your blankets, put on those eye shades, and get the most of what psilocybin truly has to offer. 

?️ Watch films on your comedown

Your preference for cinema varies on the psychedelic trip you’re having. Many love the idea that after hours of tripping, they come back to reality with a film.

If you’re feeling a film, you can also check out our list of psychedelic films, “Top 5 Classic Psychedelic Films to Watch in Quarantine”  

Self-care, self-nourish = cozier experience

Wear something clean and comfortable

Like we mentioned earlier – the tidier your environment, the cozier your shroom trip will be. That includes yourself! So bring on those sweatpants, colorful socks, and your best sweatshirt! 

Bonus points of solo tripping: you can always just trip nude.


It’s a no brainer, but keep yourself hydrated when you consume any mind altering substance. This is because we’re so distracted with our psychedelic trips, we forget to nourish ourselves until the end. This can result in headaches after the trip. Just have a bottle handy.

Sometimes when you’re peaking, it can feel really intense. Maybe theres nausea or heightened emotions coming at you at once. Drinking water can help with the come up to your peak (especially for nausea), since it’s both distracting and comforting.

? Have a journal in hand

When you’re tripping alone and have no one to share your thoughts, having a journal comes in handy. In case boredom hits, an epiphany happens, funny thoughts appear, or drawings come to life ? !

That way you can go back to your journal and remember certain things that you might’ve forgotten later on in your trip.

? Turn off technology

There may be reasons you trip alone (we’re looking at you Corona). But look at it on the other side: tripping alone will bring you valuable insight about yourself. It would be a shame to be stuck in an endless loop of scrolling down your Instagram feed while tripping.

Digital technology is a part of our life, and we admire what it has to offer …after all we’re a web shop. Maybe you’ll use your phone to stream music or call a friend. What we’re trying to say is: minimize as much digital technology as you can for a few hours and maximize the amount of time you have with yourself.

You’ll end up taking a well deserved screen break and connecting with simple pleasures around you.

➰ Remember that all things are temporary

Worst comes to worse, you’ve prepared yourself and maybe you are having challenging thoughts during your solo shroom trip. That comes with taking shrooms. Doesn’t mean your trip will be any less thought provoking or cool. A part of an insightful trip is not how amazing you felt, but also the fact that you accept whatever the mushrooms hit at you. So if you’re having intense visuals or challenging thoughts, remind yourself that all things are temporary.

Remember that a deep mindful breath will also bring you back if you end up feeling stuck.

Ready to blast off ?

Now that you have our basic guide, we hope you’re ready to blast off & trip solo!

The choice is yours by the way. Keep in mind that our guide isn’t universal or the official rule book. There are many unique ways to trip. It’s all out of preference and experience!

Therefore, we’re curious to hear from you, maybe we didn’t add something that is worth mentioning?

Tell us below – what’s your top favorite thing to do when tripping alone on shrooms? CLICK HERE TO BUY MAGIC MUSHROOMS

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